About us

We are rehabilitation physicians at St Vincent's Hospital and we have a passion to teach rehabilitation trainees and to prepare them to be competent rehabilitation physicians.

We have had such high demand for our teaching that we don't want trainees that have not had a rotation through St Vincent's Hospital to miss out! So we have created these courses for all of you. This course contains questions that are mostly brand new.

We really hope you enjoy these courses and hope they motivate you to do further study when you identify gaps in your knowledge through the practice exams.

Each course has a "Course feedback" - please rate your experience of each course and let us know how we can improve the courses. We will use your feedback to continuously update the courses so they are relevant to your practice.

Over time, we will continue to add new courses and new Mock Exams so look out for them.

If you like, try out a free interactive sample course: PAIN CASES IN AMPUTEES!


Dr Jane Wu (email jane.wu@svha.org.au)

Dr Patrick Arulanandam

Dr Yuriko Watanabe

Prof Steven Faux

Dr Clive Sun

Dr Kathryn Brooke

Also big thanks to Dr Stephanie Lam (registrar at time of writing) who has reviewed some of the courses.