Who can I contact if there is a query?

Contact Dr Jane Wu via email jane.wu@svha.org.au

Can I try out a course before I commit to a donation of $1000?

Yes you can - try out a free interactive sample course: PAIN CASES IN AMPUTEES!

How can I make a donation?

Contact jane.wu@svha.org.au and you will be sent specific instruction. Please read them carefully and make donation only via the method suggested.

When will I get a tax invoice?

The Curran Foundation will send out a tax invoice in the (slow) mail. Please be patient and contact us only after 2 weeks if you still have not received it.

What is the best way to use these modules?

We would recommend the trainee to attempt and answer the clinical questions (on the Powerpoint slides) BEFORE turning to the next slide i.e. quiz yourself, don't just jump straight to the answers. Or use the slides in group study and test each other.

The short answer tests is to see how well you grasp rehab concepts. You should read around the topic before attempting the module. When answering short answer questions, make sure the answers you provide matches the question being asked. Don't think you can just memorising the answers in this course and you will pass. Instead, use this course to motivate you to do further reading if you are struggling to do the short answer questions or MCQs in a particular topic.

What if I disagree with an answer?

Send in your feedback at the end of the course and we will consider making changes.

Why are there no MCQs in some of the modules?

The modules are written so that the slides together with the MCQs take about 1 hour to complete. So if there are more slides, there are no or less MCQs.

How come the MCQs are not covered in the slides?

The MCQs do not test the knowledge you get from the slides. Instead they supplement the topic, giving you a chance to explore what areas you are unfamiliar with and hopefully this will prompt you to go and do some independent study around those areas.

Do the modules cover everything I need to know for the exams?

This course is not presented as a textbook. So it does not cover everything you need to know. Instead it aims to present some knowledge relevant to rehab in the Aust & NZ context. It tries to use vignettes and questions to stimulate interest and learning.

When are the next exams?

AFRM Fellowship Written Examination 23 Feb 2021

AFRM Fellowship Clinical Examination 1 May 2021

Module 1, Written Assessment 18 May 2021

Module 2, Clinical Assessment 20 June 2021

Does it work on iphone/iPad and other smart phones?

Yes you can open the web portal on all smart phones. Some links may not work such as videos but most of the Powerpoint presentations and MCQs work well.

Is there an app?

Yes, download the TalentLMS app through app store. The Powerpoint slides work well. The MCQs unfortunately do not display the answers if you get it wrong but it will mark your attempt. We do advise you do the modules on a desktop/laptop and use your app when you want to review the Powerpoint presentation again.

How can you check how well you are going?

On the HOME page, click on PROGRESS (right hand side of screen). Then click on TESTS.

Why can't I do the MCQs again?

This is to prevent misuse of the website by sharing your login with someone else. The tests are set so that once you have completed it successfully (gained a pass rate of 50%), the test cannot be repeated.

Who has contributed to this course?

JW & SF came up with the concept. JW has written the majority of the course content; YW & PA contributed with some course content; PA, YW, SF, JW, CS, KB & SL contributed in reviewing the course contents. JW, CS, YW & KB will contribute in future by marking the mock OSCEs.